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Introducing Striker and the Payload Automation Libraries

TL;DR – Striker, Compyler, Artifactor, Sleepy, and Detemplate are a set of Python libraries we created to help make building custom payloads faster, more consistent, and more OPSEC safe and allow for better IoC tracking during Red Team operations. The libraries can be found on GitHub here: . Introduction During an operation, we were creating a custom initial access payload which would execute a Cobalt Strike Beacon. The payload was fairly complex with multiple components coming together and multiple steps to obfuscate the shellcode before embedding it into the payload. During the preparation phase of the operation, we went through multiple profile and listener variations and needed to test our initial access payload with each variation. This meant that I had to go into the GUI for Cobalt Strike, generate the shellcode and save it to a file, manually encrypt and obfuscate it, embed it in my payload, then compile. This process tended to be

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